DIY TRAVEL: 4D3N Coron, Palawan

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The Lost Introvert

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  1. shemaegomez says:

    Ginger! Great posts! Keep on taking us to different places around the globe.


    1. GingerSpice says:

      Thanks She!!!Trying to share my experiences with you all!😊


  2. This was so incredibly useful! We arrive here in less than a week! Your tour A package was only 900 per person? We thought it was 1500 per person :S


    1. GingerSpice says:

      Hi, oh where did you get your tour A? Yes, our tour A is only 900. What we did is we gathered flyers offered by locals at the airport when we arrived in Busuanga. It’s our second time in Coron that’s why we know we can get cheaper tours offered by locals compared to the ones from Travel and Tours agencies. I hope you still enjoyed your Tour A. 😀 Coron is really amazing for me.

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      1. We haven’t been yet but we’re under the impression the tour cost 1500. So the key is to ask locals?


      2. GingerSpice says:

        Yes, I recommend getting lots of flyers that offers tour packages at the arrival area of the airport so that you can compare prices. Just in case you didn’t, don’t worry you can coordinate with your hotel to get you a tour package. Hope you enjoy your stay at Coron!

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  3. Loved this! I’ve only been to PPS and El Nido but will definitely visit Coron soon!


    1. GingerSpice says:

      Yes, Coron is also a must! Visit it some time 🙂


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